Pho Binh (Heights)

Well now...Vietnamese food hits the Heights!  Is it good, is it not, is it going to make it...well, that's what I came to find out!  They've been 1 week opened...and me and Matt both are with somewhat low expectations, open, but a little apprehensive.  As I'm looking to see what their hours are, I do find out there are several Pho Binhs in Houston.  The manager says third one, and he's Vietnamese and so are most of the employees.  Good sign.  There are servers that are not, but that's ok, it still feels authentic.

I ordered Pho Ga, Matt ordered the Pho Tai and we also ordered Vietnamese egg rolls and the Vietnamese coffee.  The coffee came out first, it wasn't bad.  Not the best I've had.  It was quite a hefty serving in a plastic bubble tea-like cup.  Good ice.  Our Pho comes out and's good!  The temperature was great, hot!  The taste was good too!  We both liked it.  We did notice they brought us both our own individual plate of greens, which is different.  We noticed they were kind of limpy.  The lime slice was teeny tiny.  I happened to notice there was a big portion of noodles in my soup and when the manager came by to check up on us, I told him about it and he said that there was someone that came in the week before that complained there weren't enough noodles.  I asked him if they were non-Asian and he said yes.  Well, what they don't get is you're not suppose to have too much noodles because it expands and overtakes the soup!  Anyways, we got a laugh about that.  

Just like an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, where nothing comes in order, our egg rolls come at the end of our meal.  The rolls were ok, again not the best we've had.  We did also notice they brought us one piece of lettuce leaf with the egg rolls.  I guess they didn't think we would use we had to ask for more and our server came out with a plate with one more leaf...haha!  We got a laugh out of that too.  Also, I don't know if they were having ac issues or it's normally like that, but it was hot in there too.  But, all in all, we liked it and it will probably be our go to pho spot, simce it's much closer than Simply Pho.  They seem like they're ironing out some kinks, but we liked the pho and that's what really matters the most...and they seem to care.  Good job on the grand opening.