Peska Super Fresh (Post Oak Blvd)

Yes yes, it's new!  They said 2 weeks officially, but only 2 days for lunch?  I might have gotten those numbers wrong, but whatever it is, it's really new for lunch.  The restaurant is nice, open, minimalist, cold atmosphere, but nice, pretty.  They have a seafood market, you can buy items and take home, interesting concept.  They have this one sculpture in the ceiling, that looks like a school of moving fish, pretty neat.  Staff is great, especially our server.  He reminded me of something of the past, visual style vintage, gentlemenly and pleasant.

Going with Jacob's suggestions Jimy and I both ordered the special which includes one appetizer and a main entree for $27.  Jimy got the ceviche app and I ordered the tuna tostada and we both ordered the market fish, which happened to be snapper.  I thought the snapper was nice, my tostada could use some tweaking.  I know it was the taco, but it sort of tasted stale, which I know it wasn't.  It might have just been the combination that made it seem that way.  I didn't totally love it.  However, the tuna on it was excellent.  We also ordered a dozen of oysters, which were good, but somehow the horseradish was left off the tray, which I'm not sure if that's standard or an oversight, but we got half way through it and it just wasn't the same.  The oysters were good, but I'm still a newbie at the whole oysters thing, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.  The cocktail sauce was not pizazzy at all, says Jimy.  I'm not a big cocktail sauce kind of person, but I did notice it did seem a little watered down or something.  Horseradish and lemon, is all I need!  So I was pleased, just wished it was there from the beginning.  Instead they had 2 other dipping sauces that neither of us cared for.  Jimy actually tried the oily looking one and had a sour face for the next few minutes till he swallowed.  

We also let our sever pick our dessert which were the doughnuts.  Neat, fun, cute, and interesting, but just ok for us.  But over all, it's hard to not think the seafood is super fresh with it all sitting in the glass casing over a bed of that would be my opinion, super fresh.  Nice, neat, and fresh!