My First Herb Garden!

I was that single girl...for the longest time…that doesn't cook, defintely doesn't garden, nor does any of those home making activities.  Then that single girl got married and then she started helping to cook dinner,  now is the sole cook, and she's also picking up gardening supplies…next thing you know she'll be having a baby...eeks!  

Ok so back to gardening.  I think most girls, in the back of their minds, think gardening sounds like a cool, nice idea.  But first it becomes a matter of life stage, time, then location and resources.  Finally when that girl gets a chance, she has no idea where to start.  That would be me.  Unlike a lot of women in my stage of life, I happen to have a mom with a big piece of land and huge herb and vegetable garden.  She occasionally brings me garlic, cucumbers, leafy greens, so I should be ahead of the curve, but I'm not.

So here I am, with the help of Buchanan's Nursery, a little research, and little extra time venturing into my possible new hobby, gardening?  Not a big garden, but a little garden, you know for those herbs and other greens you put in a salad… a small garden.  I want a really cute one too, that has a nice little set up in the backyard, not one that overtakes it, requiring a huge commitment, just a small little thing that is functional and makes the backyard look a little nicer.  I need mobility too, transferrability...because I haven't committed to a look for my backyard yet.

I have already set the groundwork and cleaned up the backyard for a nice, decent space for my little herb garden set in boxes, that's the idea at least.  I have already done a little bit of research and looked at plenty of pictures on Pinterest and houzz.  So now I am sharing my gardening journeying.

So here I finally am, officially at Buchanan's Nursery on 11th St.  I have an idea of what I want, but it's so hard to find exactly what you picture in your head. I've done so much research and haven't quite seen what I really like, so I'm just going to wing it and put some things together and see how it turns out. I have learned that the key to making a space look good is to actually complete the look.  When you're starting out little by little it doesn't really take shape until you really finish it.  So here I go...where I started, where I shopped, what I saw, what I purchased and actually putting it together and then the final look.  This is just the beginning...

Oh my gosh, this was not easy!  I know it doesn't look like much, but holy cow did it take a lot of work!  I purchased these tin looking plastic buckets, $60 each.  I got basil, japalenos, parsely, rosemary, lavender, bay leaves and mint all about $4 each.  I also purchased Landscaper's Pride potting soil, at the recommendation of Buchanan's retired engineer herbs expert, $4 each!  It took about 1 bag of soil per bucket.

I'm not totally in love with this look, thankfully everything is moveable.  I think instead I would like to grow some vines off of this wall.  But, I also would like some patio furniture on this side of the backyard, so I still have a lot of planning to do.  I will keep you posted on my gardening journey, but for now, I have a little herb garden!