Danton's Gulf Seafood & Oyster Bar (Museum District)

I'm a newbie to oysters.  Less than a year ago I tried my first oyster and now I'm hooked!  I hadn't really known Gulf oysters, though I've heard how large they are.  This day, I experienced my first real Gulf oysters.  I've mostly tried east coast oysters and had tried some Gulf oysters before, but both times they were about the same size, small like east coast oysters.  I found Danton's for their affordable prices, $9/dozen.  When we got our first dozen, wow, do you see the size of these oysters?  I was scared!  They are double the size of what I'm used to!  I had to cut mine in half and honestly, after having a not so great experience with the oysters in New Orleans, I was feeling a bit hesitant still to jump back in.  So, this day I was still pretty hesitant and seeing the size of these oysters, I wasn't very excited about them and after one dozen, shared, I was done.  They weren't bad, it was just the size was off putting.  I think I'm definitely done with oysters, which is timely since it's warming.  Maybe next season, I'll be ready to chow again, for now, I've been officially satisfied with my oyster cravings.