New Orleans

I haven't been to NOLA since...I was in my early 20s?  That's like 15+ years ago!  Well, for the first part of the trip I have to say I remembered why I hadn't been back in such a long time.  The first leg of my 3 day trip was mostly around Bourbon street, eating, hurricanes, hand granades, beignets, stinky sewage or horse manuer ordor, definitely not fabulous.  

The second day I decided to take the advice of a friend, David, whose taste I like, and make my way, solo, down to Magazine street via street car.  It was fairly easy with a little help.  It's a $3 all day pass and I spent the latter part of the day traveling through a wonderful neighborhood, Garden District.  Beautiful houses, had dinner by myself at La Petit & Grocery.  The decor wasn't anything to admire, but the food was excellent!  I know the steak tar tar doesn't look very appealing, but it was really delicious!  By the time I had made it down Magazine street, most of the shops were closed, but I could tell I liked this part of town better than downtown.  I did do a little shopping a purchase a fancy looking fanny pack for myself and Denyse.  It's close to what I've been looking for and got it for $26 per pack.  Great for traveling!

The next day, at the advice of David, we made it to Cafe Amelie before heading back to houston.  Great spot, we all loved the atmosphere!  Food was alright to good, but it was the courtyard that was the most appealing to all of us.  Well, that's it for now...I may be back to visit Magazine street, but there's definitely to rush to get back.