Luna Pizzeria (Upper Kirby)

We're in the mood for pizza.  I do a Yelp search and find Luna Pizzeria, so that's where we're headed for Friday dinner.  Super central location, Upper Kirby next to Sushi King.  Plenty of parking.  On walking in, I'm a little impressed by the decor, I wasn't expecting that.  It's snazzy, clean, new...we like it so far.  We ask the guy which is the most popular, he says the Andouille pizza, so that's what we order on a thin crust.  We also order an Italian sub sandwhich for the boy and add a Caesar Salad.  The joint is 75% full, so though it feels pretty crowded, all small tables taken, there is still plenty of room.  We sit at the community table.  They have some games on the tables, we play some and get bored quickly, they're not that many and not that great of games.  But, it's thought of them to do that.   Our salad comes out, it's ok, but we devour it because that's the kind of people we are.  Our pizza comes out...YUM-EEE!  Love how the crust stays so crispy, I'm not used to that kind of craftsmanship.  We really loved the pizza!  The mix of veggies and the sausage, super tasty, it's really good y'all.  And it was only $17.  The sub was $7 or 8.  I think this is our official pizza place on family night!  Definitely a great experience.