Update on North Italia

I know what you're thinking...didn't you already do a write up on North Italia?  Well yes, I did.  I'm writing an update because I visited again with someone else that wanted to try it and this time I'm writing about things I didn't get to try because I chose not to listen to my server.  So this time, we had a different server, Yoo?  Not sure about the spelling but since she looked a little bit like me and I'm guessing her name isn't spelled the typical way, like mine, just a guess.  Anyways, she was adorable and I thought she was an excellent server like the last server I had.  Actually everyone there is excellent, even the manager came by and visited with us.

So my mission today was to order everything our server had suggested and I would like to report that everything she suggested was excellent.  The one thing that might not have been a good choice was the pasta.  I did change the protein from it's normal shrimp set up to chicken, so again, maybe my bad.  But, I loved everything...Crisp Calamari super tasty and tasted oddly light and tangy even though fried.  Seasonal Vegetables (Salad) had nice flavors and textures and the Spicy Shrimp (we substituted chicken), we liked the pasta, which was simple with a little tang, and I actually liked the sauce, even though it was overall a plain dish.  We also went with the Pig Pizza, which was yum yum yum, maybe one of the best pepperoni pizzas I have had, but a little greasy.  Ok so now, I'm feeling good about this decision to go with all of our server's recommendation but feeling a little full...but we decide to get a dessert and finish off with her recommendation for the Olive Oil Cake.  Again, nailed it on the head!  It was really nice, nutty, tangy, just really unexpectedly good.  An even better experience than the first...definitely try the items I've listed here...instead of the Spicy Shrimp pasta, go with the Bolognese.  Super super great meal today!

Oh and you might be wondering why I've taken photos of their bathroom...because it's super cute and I saw things I had never seen before in a restraunt  bathroom or any bathroom for that matter.  I loved this textered subway tile, I've never seen it before.  And who has a farm sink in their bathroom?  North Italia!  Super nice, I loved it!  And the bathrooms, well it's unisex, you know "Either/Or".  Cute bathroom.  I'll be back!