Mary'z Lebanese Cuisinse (Washington)

I'm glad to have a Lebanese restaurant nearer to me than Aladdin, although Aladdin is more of a self-serve than full service like Mary'z.  They have been on Richmond in the Galleria area for many many years, just soft opened on Washington yesterday.  At the Ricmond location they have packaged pita bread, whereas the Washington location has fresh bread made in their stone ovens.  I wouldn't think I would prefer the packaged bread, but it happened to be softer than the fresh bread and easier for me to eat.

There were 4 of us plus a toddler.  We ordered in a family meal like fashion and we girls got the hummus, tabouli, and falafel appetizer and the guys got the meat sampler.  The guys also ordered tabouli and a green bean dish for their appetizer so they actually weren't able to finish their meat sampler they had so much food.  I thought everything was great, but my falafel was different than I was used to.  The outside was crispy, but the inner was very soft and airy, which was different.  We were really full by the end of the meal, but they brought us out free baklava, which was nice.  They also brought out strawberries for the baby, which was super nice.  We thought the staff was great.  We'll be back here for Lebanese food!