Weights + Measures (Midtown)

I've been sort of waiting for WM to open for some time that I lost track until I saw a client/friend comment on their visit and I was so excited, I made it there within the week!  The interior looks like a cross between True Food Kitchen and Canopy.  A very open, casual, clean, refreshing, kitchen like space with mid century furnishings.  We're finding out they've been open for 2 weeks and our server does seem a little new.  WM has Sourdough Bakery near the entrace, great display of pastries, I want to eat it all!  But, you know I got to watch my girlish figure, so I only ordered two, the raspberry linzer and the chocolate croissant.  The raspberry linzer was sweet and tasty, the chocolate croissant was ok.  Nick and I decide to share so we can try more things...so, for our main meal, we shared a butter lettuce salad and a sausage pizza.  The salad was ok too.  The pizza was tasty, but it was a little limp to pick up, probably because of the sauce.  It was good, we both liked it.  For dessert we ordered the chocolate flourless cake which our server highly recommended.  I don't typically lean towards desserts that are chocolate, but I'm glad we listened to him because it was amazing!  That cake was just delicious!  Super super good!  I liked it all, great experience, I would definitely go back...after all, got to try all those mouth watering pastries they have!