Visiting Northville & Detroit Michigan

On Northville, I'll be honest, I was thinking podunk, but I was wrong!  It is so cute!  At least their downtown was. It's generally a small town, you know big chains, etc, but they have a great charming downtown and believe it or not, some places with really great food.  In their downtown their bookstore had one copy per book, hehe.  They have cute little shops and Rebecca's Family Restaurant had really great omelettes and an amazing banana nut breat!  Still thinking about it.

Isn't Northville so fall?  We're not having much of a fall in Houston.  We get lucky if it gets a little cool in Houston.  No, but I thought Northville was great, but you do run out of things to do.  So on to Detroit we went!  I'm so glad Matt was ok with us going to Detroit.  I really really really wanted to see it.  Especially with some of the research I had been doing, it looks like there is a strong arts and culinary culture.  We hit up one spot for brunch before our Canadian roadtrip, Dime Store.  Super urban cool, food was great and we got a chance to walk around downtown Detroit, it's not as unsafe as everyone makes it out to be.  Atleast not in downtown it isn't...see my pictures!  I thought their downtown was very nice, maybe even nicer than Houston's...nice on a more interactive scale, that is.  And we actually got pulled into a broadcast interview for the local news!  I hope we get a chance to see that!  Anyways, it was great to meet you Detroit!