Wooster's Garden (Midtown)

We got to experience Wooster's Garden for my good friend, Chef Niki's, pop-up Ramen event.  I had not heard a word about Wooster's, but really loved the atmosphere!  It felt much like a biergarten.  I love biergarten's by the way.  They're so festive and so conducive for social greatness!  Love love them.  You like a dark corner?  Got it!  You like sitting at the bar?  Got it!  You like sitting outside?  Sitting in and outside at the same time?  Got it!  Got it!  Tons of variety on how you like your social outtings.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere.  I think they could probably use some help on organization.  We weren't sure if we were supposed to order at the bar or if someone was coming to us.  Other than that, we enjoyed the ramen, the sides, and the beers!   Fun night!