Popping into Helen Greek Food and Wine (Rice Village)

All I need is to hear a little buzz and I'm there.  The latest buzz and we were excited to visit this weekend when we got a chance to get out was Helen's located in Rice Village.  I believe they took over the Kahn's Deli that was formerly there.  Super cute place, small and cozy.  We didn't make a reservation, but got lucky and were seated immediately.  However, call in for a reservation a day or two and you should be good.  

We had  a great server, she reminded us of Jennifer Garner and said she did get that often.  She was great, she directed us towards, in order that the dishes came out, fried squash interesting flavors and textures, the Greek salad was fresh but so many tomatoes we were almost stuffed trying to finish it off.  It wasn't what we were used to for a Greek Salad, but we assumed it might be the way a Greek salad is traditionally done back in the mother land.  Then our chicken entree came out, we only ordered half which was great because in hindsight I think we, overall, ordered too much.  But again, the chicken and chips below it were good, interesting flavors.  Next was the butter pasta, wow, super buttery, but after awhile, I just didn't notice it as much.  This dish was my least favorite in taste because it was so heavy, but the tile pasta was different and like I said, I didn't mind the butteriness of it as much.  We finished off with desserts, Ricotta Mousse (they're most popular) and we also ordered the Baklava, which was not her recommendation.  She also suggested the Pistaschio dessert, but Matt really wanted the Baklava.  I don't blame him, it came in a super adorable presentation, in one of those iconic Greek paper coffee cups!  The baklava was not to my liking...I don't really like chocolate and cinnamon in my Baklava, I realized.  But, Matt liked it.  Oh and the mousse...it was fantastic, as she suggested.  And my apologies, but I can't seem to find their menu online so I'm not totally sure what the official names of the dishes were.  

It's more of a mild version of fine dining for Greek food, not so much casual, as most people associate with Greek food.  We really liked the restaurant.  It's a great place for a date or small groups.  We enjoyed the atmosphere, service and the food very much!  Fun place, the perfect spot for our date night on this beautiful evening!