Oporto (Midtown)

Well...what can I say...it's gorgeous inside!  I already had a great opinion of Oporto Richmond, but this one...eye candy!  Absolutely beautiful.  We were sat in a booth, love the booth!  The interior had a mid century, retro modern look to it.  Super handsome interior.  I thought the menu was a little hard to read, so we let our server drive, which we would have done anyways.  He seemed super excited about that and ordered the following items in order of the pictures above...Bife a Portuguesa (hangar steak/fried egg/potatoes), $14.  Pao com Tomate (wood fired grilled/tomato pulp/sumac), $6.  Queijo de Cabra (goat cheese/walnuts/basil & tomato sauce/garlic bread), $10.  Crab & Avocado Crostini, $14.  I recommend all of these dishes, they were great.  I was surprised the crab had a nice freshness too.  I don't prefer crab, but here it was great, with a little sprinking of lemon.  The Queijo de Cabra, Avocado Crostini and the Pao com Tomate were my favorites.

Of course we also got dessert, his recommendation was the lemon pastry and the bread pudding, in that order.  So, we got both.  I didn't care so much for the bread pudding but the lemon pastry was nice.  I probably could have had 2 of those to myself!  Sorry, no pictures of the desserts, as we gobbled them up!  Great service, great food, love the atmosphere!  Another quick mention...I didn't realize the food here was Portugese, and didn't know the other Oporto was as well.  I figured it was all similar to Queen Vic, which it is not.