Urban Eats (Washington)

On my first visit last week, I was really impressed.  I liked how the interior was set up, not sure if anyone actually buys the grocery items.  These kind of stores seem really hard to sustain, but I hope they do well.  I love the decor, very industrial, rustic,  handsome, it has a really nice feel inside.  There's so much to look at, I think I could be here for an hour and still not be done exploring.  They have shelved items, cheesse, smells like there could be cured meats somewhere, and obviously baked goods.  So much to look at!  There's a more casual sitting area downstairs, but upstairs is where the restaurant is.  Nice looking patrons here, maybe the hipster crowd?  It's a full house for lunch.  We sit down and I ordered the tuna salad and Jimy got the chicken salad.  He also ordered the eggplant appetizer and an order of french fries.  I thought everything was good, but I didn't finish my salad, which is kind of rare.  I liked my whole experience from the food to the atmosphere.  Staff was great too, very helpful!

My next visit, I took a friend, his first time.  This time I ordered the tuna sliders since he was getting the cowboy.  I was impressed that the tuna sliders didn't taste fishy at all.  I find most don't get a tuna burger right all the time.  I enjoyed it.  Again, I enjoyed it and Jay liked his burger.  They have a great outdoor patio with a great view of the skyline, which would be geat to use these days because the weather is awesome!  Also, one more tid bit, the parking is kind of a pain.  But overall, I like it and it's a great lunch spot.