Pax Americana (Montrose)

We really liked it!  We felt like the food had a lot of depth, was interesting and tasted really good.  We had a great server that helped us navigate the menu.  So, for starters we got the Beef Tartare and Honeydew Melon salad.  Matt and I both thought the Tartare was good, but with the bread, perfect.  It needed it. The honeydew melon was interesting, I would never had thought to grill honeydew melons.  Matt didn't like that the melon skin was still on the melon, so he cut them off, but I liked the crunchy.  I was thinking this salad was going to be small, but it was pretty good size as you can see here.

So far so good, we're excited for the main entrees!  For our entree we got the brisket and lamb dishes.  Our server highly suggested the Lamb, but after tasting both, we both agreed that the brisket dish better, really good actually.  All I have to say is...damn!  But, you have to eat the greens with it.  It's a mixture of green onion, basil, mint, peppers, etc....really good!  

For desserts, by the time we got to the desserts, my allergies started acting up from the wine so I couldn't really taste the desserts, but Matt said the Fritters was his favorite.  I liked the texture of the figs, but I couldn't taste the flavors.  All in all, great, I have to say that brisket dish was so good, it really left an impression on me.  Other than the first bite of fat I had, which I spit out, the rest of it was marvelous!