Hotlanta, Georgia!

These past days I've been feeling tired and traveling has exacerbated my exhaustion.  We're finally making our way up to the Smoky Mountains tomorrow but for now, this is my Atlanta experience.  I've heard Atlanta is similar to Houston, but I would have to disagree.  I have only had a small glimpse, but it doesn't seem similar to Houston at all, which is what I have heard in the past.  It seems further along, and I love the not so flatness about it.  it just is a much nicer city to look at from what I have experienced.  If you plan to visit Atlanta anytime, do visit the places I posted photos of.  I always do my research and all the places we ate at were really amazing!  I am totally impressed with Atlanta!  Now, I know why they call it Hotlanta!  :)

We thought it was a nice town, we really liked it, but we're really just passing through for our real destination...Smoky Mountains!  Stay tuned!