Grace's (Upper Kirby)

This one has been on my to do list for several month's.  It has a great thing going for it, its location!  I hadn't heard much buzz about it, but because of its location, I would always make a mental note to check it out everytime I passed it.  It's the same family as the Carrabba's family, actually an homage to Johnny Carrabba's mom, I heard.  The restaurant is supposed to give you the feel of being in her home, our server "Louis" said.  When I walked in, I told Matt it was cozy like being in someone's house!

It wasn't really that crowded for a 5 month old restaurant.  We were told there was much more traffic earlier on.  Our server was the consummate professional!  He changed our napkins to black, matching my skirt, without me even having to ask!  That is attention to detail!  He was definitely a pro, you could tell he's an experienced server, but yet very friendly and engaging.  In honesty, I think we enjoyed him more than we did the food!  However, the food was great too!

I ordered the Wagyu burger "Gracie's Burger" with the Beer Battered Fries.  Matt got the Filet with Broccolini.  I had blogged about the Wagyu beef at BFD and someone had suggested I try the Wagyu burger at Gracie's and although it was good, it wasn't great.  The fries were great because they were crispy and seasoned well and surprisingly stayed warm the entire time, how that happened is beyond me. We also ordered the Garden Salad with the alternate vinaigrette and the carrot cake.  All really good, especially that carrot cake, with that warm giz drizzled over it!  We also got to try the Godiva freeze, pretty tasty, tasted like a frozen Bailey's Irish Cream cocktail.  Our experience was excellent!  If you go, definitely ask for "Louis"!

Sorry for the blurry photos, it's been awhile since I took the old Nikon out and I'm a little out of practice!