Dinner at DownHouse

I love everything I have had at Downhouse so when I was craving a burger I decided I wanted to go to Downhouse! It's my first dinner at Downhouse and at our server's suggestion I got the Kimchi burger. I thought it was pretty good, but my only complaint was the kimchi. You know being Korean, I'm going to be picky about kimchi. The average person wouldn't care, but to me the kimchi had way too much ginger, which isn't usually used in kimchi, so that was very distracting to me. If it wasn't ginger, whatever it was, was very overpowering. The one thing in the world that my mom hates is ginger, but she absolutely loves kimchi so she would not have approved. But, overall the burger was great, it was just that kimchi was a tad strong, but Matt liked it a lot. He didn't like his dish so much, Curry Fish & Chips. Ethan did like his fried chicken.

I am never disappointed with DownHouse!