Caracol (Galleria)

I have heard good things, lots of it too.  Nice place, fancy...we don't have reservations for lunch, so we're set up outdoors.  It's not bad, not too warm, but they could probably use a few more umbrellas to shade from the sun.  Great outdoor space though.  I'm eyeing the red snapper tacos, but I was swayed by our server to get the chicken enchiladas.  Chung gets the red snapper tacos and because they're 3 in each entrรฉe, we trade one each.  The red snapper tacos were perfect!  Light, fresh, tasty...I should have gotten these!  The enchiladas were good, but a little on the heavy side.  We also got the guac and chips, which I liked a lot.  The chips were really thick, and perfectly salted.  The guac, no bells and whistles, but just seemed like mashed avocado, and was surprisingly good, actually.  They did bring out this complimentary soupy shrimp appetizer, which was a little too seafoody for my taste.  But, everything else I really enjoyed, I shall return!