Punk's Simple Southern Food (Rice Village)

I had read Punk's was located next to Coppa.  I had driven by Coppa on Washington and figured maybe they didn't open??  Then today, following google maps to Punk's, I realized oh, there's another Coppa in the Village!  Punk's and Coppa are next-door neighbors and located in a nice spot on Morningside.  This side of the Village is really nice, it's changed a lot.

On walking in to Punk's, I really like the decor.  Yelp says the price range is $$$ which means it's pricey, so I changed from my shorts into cargo pants.  Following google maps there, it said $$, so I just wasn't sure which was actually right.  Google was more accurate, it is super casual.  That seems to be the theme these days, servers in jeans and a flannel.  The decor is really nice, I like it a lot.

We are really excited about trying the food!  With our server's help, we order the hush puppies, the loaded tater tots, the wedge salad, chicken sausage gumbo, 5 piece fried chicken, and the chicken fried steak with green beans.  I tasted everything and everything was just ok.  I was pretty disappointed after the 4th item I tried, and had pretty much made up my mind, I didn't love Punk's.  Nothing was horrible, just nothing was good enough to write home about.  I especially did not like the loaded tater tots, texture, flavors, and I think it had blue cheese in it, which I really dislike.  You know, I never turn down dessert, and I just didn't feel confident it would be good, they way things were going, so we didn't order any.

You know, I don't know if I'm being too hard, I really wanted to like Punk's.  I'm wondering if I just don't like Southern food or something.  We did order fried chicken, hush puppies, tater tots, etc...which I never feel really good about eating anyways, after.  I really just didn't like it all that much...but the atmosphere was great, very festive.  Ethan, the 13 year old did love it.  His first time trying chicken fried steak, and loved it.  He also really loved the fried chicken, but later admitted he thinks he just likes all foods, unhealthy.  For me and the mister, all was just an eh kind of experience...