Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

First time to this location, but not the first time to Liberty Kitchen, been to the Heights.  This River Oaks location is wow, beautiful!  Very nice.  Staff was amazingly friendly.  Today, I decided I would try an oyster for the first time in my life.  We ordered 2 trays of 12 oysters, their amazing mac and cheese and a salad.  I tried my first oyster on a cracker, with cocktail sauce, horseradish, and lemon.  That was really painless.  Next, I tried it without the cocktail sauce and still painless.  I didn't dare try it with anything less than that.  The mac and cheese is my absolute favorite, best mac and cheese in town!  The cocktails were not very good, no point in even mentioning them because honestly, I can't remember their names.  Other than that, great experience, I really like this location!  Beautiful, fun interior and nice outdoor patio.