Dua (Westheimer/Montrose)

It's the same owners as the old Mo Mong.  I have been to Mo Mong long long ago when they first opened, but haven't been back since.  For lunch today, I took my typical Simply Pho partner and he did not like the change.  Everything was so heavy.  We tried to get an order of spring rolls but our server suggested the chicken with mangos.  She was so great, but we really lean more towards the lighter foods.  Matt tried to get a pho, but instead she guided him to a noodle dish with curry and odon noodles.  I already had plans to get the garlic tofu (dau hau luc lac), as I had read in the My Table magazine it was to die for.  It was not to die for, this same dish at Cali Sandwich is the bomb!  Anyways, our overall experience was good, but just because we lean towards the lighter dishes, this will probably not be on our list of go to places for Vietnamese food.  It's a competitive world out there!