Celebrating National PBJ Day at Monster PBJ

Today is National PBJ Day!  So naturally, I decide to go to Monster PBJ food truck.  You can find their always changing location at monsterpbj.com.  I was really excited to visit and took my Ethan with me.  We walked up and I asked them if they could recommend something, I ordered a sweet and spicy.  Ethan made his own, pb, nutella and grape jam on white.  When he opened it up, it looked like a pretty regular pbj.  I asked if it was amazing or just good, he said good.  When I opened my sweet pbj, it was ginormous!  The sweet was interesting, it could probably use a little more of the good stuff inside.  It had pb, grape-like jelly, and apples.  The spicy was really different, but somehow it did taste good.  It had pb, pickles and sriacha sauce.  I know, strange.  All in all, an interesting experience.