Oxheart (East Downtown)

This is probably my most anticipated eat ever!  Getting married Fall of last year put Oxheart on the list, where it stayed for 9 months!  But, it's not like I didn't try.  Actually, I tried a couple of times, but due to restaurant closings, for breaks or something, and being all booked, we are just now getting a chance to visit...and I am super duper excited!

On arriving, I'm realizing I haven't been over to this part of town much, if ever.  It almost has a San Francisco feel to it, very eclectic.  I love the old brick warehouses on this part of town, very vintage, love it.  To find the restaurant, you'll have to go by the address because there is no sign anywhere, at least we didn't see one.  We actually only saw the name of the company on the menu and no where else...very under the radar.

We ordered a bottle of wine, the Garden Menu and Tasting Menu.  I don't think I have ever been to a restaurant that feels so intimate, so interesting and creative.  I love the quaint feel inside, and the design and decor makes you feel like you're at someone's home, it's very low key and comfortable.  The staff was great, our server's name was Brigette.  She was amazing!  She really knew her stuff and was friendly, and very helpful.  I just remember as every dish came out, I was really impressed by the creativity and blending of foods.  The flavors and textures were very unique.  My favorites were the carrots in bouillon and the soup.  I mean, the soup was just so tasty!  It was very flavorful and tangy, just a great blend of spices and flavors.  Definite favorite. Everything was so so tasteful and creative, brilliant!  I loved my entire experience.  Between the two of us, our bill plus tip came out to just under $300.  It's expensive, but definitely worth the visit.  

My walk away thought was that the food was creative and tasteful, not the best food I've ever had, but it was all very unique and probably the most interesting food.  But, it wasn't just the food, it was the combination of creative, artful, and tasty foods with the intimate, low key vibe of the restaurant, which seems as odd of a pairing as combining vintage and contemporary styles.  I just thought it was a very creative restaurant and the dining experience was the most interesting I've ever had...very interesting.