Top Golf (I-10/Hwy 6)

I so had the wrong impression of Top Golf.  All this time I was thinking it was $40/person, but it's really $40 per bay.  So, if you're like us and go with 6, it was less than $7/person.  That is a deal!  Our whole visit cost us just under $50 for 2 including food and golf.  That's a steal deal and it was so much fun.  As a matter of fact, it's reinforced my interest in taking golf lessons.

It's a little strange, but everyone has to buy a $5 membership card to start.  You wait with your party till they buzz you that a bay has opened.  Then, if someone else has a $50 priority pass, they can squeeze in before you and you're left waiting again.  That's a little rude.

That's ok it gave us time to socialize.  Finally we get to our bay and I'm pretty excited.  They have heaters over your bay, so that's nice, however ours was not working.  But it was fine, it was getting warmer as the day progressed and we had a great time trying to hit our microchipped balls into the different point pods.  We had a great time and it's definitely worth the drive out.