Vinoteca Poscol

Vinoteca Poscol has been on my radar for atleast a few years, but because of the look of the exterior and location, it's always been on my back back burner.  Even my foodie friend, Janice, said she had been once and didn't like it.  But, I did remember a client having it listed as one of her favorite restaurants and after looking up some pictures of the interior and food on yelp, I was pretty convinced this is where I wanted to celebrate my low key birthday dinner with my family.

On arriving, I was a little distracted by the fact that some of my friends were unexpectedly present, but I did take note of the interior while walking in and I thought the interior felt really cozy and charming.  Not too charming, but charming because of the lighting and not the decor.  We had a great server and he helped guide us through the menu so we ordered this big charcuterie board with cheeses.  We also got a pasta, and I apologize because this review is coming 2 weeks after and I cannot remember for the life of me the names of the dishes we got, but we had everything from a pasta, lamb, risotto, beef, etc and most of what we had were really good.  And actually, the dishes tasted authentic, ie the pasta.  I haven't had pasta like that where the noodles were so wide and super tasty and just subtly flavored.  I'm not an expert at authentic pasta, but this is the way I would think it would taste, homemade.  I really enjoyed my entire evening from the ambiance, food and especially our most excellent server, which I forget his name.  He was hispanic, but you would never know because he talks like he's Italian!  Awesome place, we all loved it!  Including Janice!