Fried Chicken at Momofuku (NYC)

My mission to find the best fried chicken, so called ended a few weeks ago at the Chicken Ranch here in Houston.  But, since I was making a trip to NYC, I decided I will continue my mission at Momofuku for their famous fried chicken that you have to make reservations for at least 3 weeks in advance, minimum party of 4.  So, though I set low expectations, I always hope for the best and considering how unlucky I have been in finding amazing fried chicken, I have little real expectation.  However, some years ago I did see David Chang (Momofuku owner) on the Jimmy Fallon show competing with Quest Love with Jimmy's guest for the show as judges, one I remember being Tina Fey, can't remember the others.  And it was unanimous...David won!  So, that is in the back of my mind and as our obnoxiously big plate of fried chicken comes out, I'm super curious!  I try it's...good.  The fried part of it looks kind of unusual doesn't it?  It's actually not bad, good, but not knock me out of my chair, punch your mama good.  Anyways, I'm officially, officially done with fried chicken...until someone else suggest some stupendous fried chicken...and I'll reconvene my mission to find the best fried chicken.