Sweets at Tout Suite

I took my Matt and Ethan to Tout Suite this Saturday and they loved it!  It was my first brunch here.  I had the waffle and it was delish!  It had the perfect crispiness which I find a lot don't get right.  Matt got the migas which wasn't the typical migas, but it was really tasty.  Ethan got the French toast and a side of bacon, which I tried and were really awesome too.  Everything seemed pretty on point.  We also splurged on desserts, Matt got the red velvet cupcake, Ethan got the chocolate croissant, and I got the raspberry eclair and mini key lime.  Matt said the red velvet was really good, and I thought the Key Lime was good, but the others were just ok. The weekend crowd was really great and I think this place is super duper cool, great place to do a weekend brunch!