MF Sushi (Galleria)

There's a lot of talk about MF Sushi.  Specifically that the food is really good.  I know they were around some time ago and then had a fire incident and just recently reopened.  So, I'm finally making a trip after a friend said to me that he thought MF Sushi was better than Uchi.  That got me high tailing over there!  On arriving to MF Sushi, I didn't totally love the presentation of the restaurant.  You know, I'm all about atmosphere and food.  I judge the whole restaurant.  I didn't really love the interior, the lighting was too bright and the interior was just kind of unimpressive.  We finally get seated and we really like our server, she gave great recommendations, some out of this world, but most were just decent.  Our favorites were the kobe beef and the maddai nigiri...sooooo good!  You have to try these two if you try anything at all.  The sashimi was great too.  But, we felt all else was just ok, which included all the rolls, miso soup and salad.  I would definitely go back for the sashimi or nigiri, but for me, Uchi is still an overall better experience, food and atmosphere...just my opinion.