Dosi Restaurant & Soju Bar (Korean)

I had no plans or interest to visit this restaurant for the fact that I heard a non Korean owned it, but then I saw it advertised somewhere, heard someone mention it, and decided, ok fine, I'll give it a try with someone that's a fan of Korean food.  If anything, it'll be interesting to see what it's like, especially the food.  

I decided on a whim to visit on Friday and went ahead and called for a reservation at 8pm for 830pm and they took it!  We arrived and it was a pretty small place, but I liked the decor.  The wall of pickled jars, I thought was precious.  There were maybe 8 tables of patrons, probably  making it half full and an empty long bar-like section, maybe a community area?  

They bring out a complimentary, very small jar of Kimchi.  Surprisingly, I really liked it.  I like my Kimchi ripe and it was perfect.  Apparently, they have "aged" stuff, so I tried that too and didn't like that so much.  It didn't taste aged, but just really tart, but not spicy and tart.  The first two dishes I really enjoyed, a lot!  It was the Kale chips with tapioca & yogurt (mm...that yogurt) and the Yam Pancake, I think is what it was?  I really enjoyed all the flavors and textures, just really good and tasty.  I could have had another 2 of those dishes!  The next three dishes were ok to good, which were the Lamb Collar with Rice Cake, Street Dumplings, Black Bean Noodles.  The Street Dumplings were actually not bad, but the other two I thought didn't have enough flavor.  We also ordered the Mango Blended Soju, which was fun.  

Overall, I enjoyed my visit, it was a creative take on Korean food.  Matt liked it very much and wants to put this on the list for dinner spots...he's got almost 2 years of  Korean food experience now...he's almost an expert...not really.  I was impressed with the Kimchi and that's always hard to get right as a non Korean.  If you're looking for fun, creative, Korean inspired, do try Dosi.  If you're looking for traditional Korean food, go to Bonga!  We'll definitely be coming back for those Kale chips and Yam Pancakes!