Birdhouse (Heights)

Formerly known as "Boil House", since crawfish season is over.  We're not so much into fried chicken, but I would like to try some amazing fried chicken once in my life.  We decided this was going to be Saturday's dinner spot.  I had sort of low expectations, but definitely hoping for the best.  It looked like most of their patrons take advantage of the drive-thru option.  There's not much seating anyways, maybe 4 tables outside.  We ordered the family pack (8 pieces of chicken) to feed us 4 and broke up the 2 large sides into 4 small ones, choosing mash potatoes, okra, bulgar salad, and coleslaw.  I thought the sides were ok, but the chicken was a little disappointing.  The skin was super crispy which was nice, but the overall taste was just ok.  We all concurred, 3 of us giving it a 3 and the 4th person gave it a 2-3.  Before this year, I hadn't had fried chicken in years, I don't even like fried chicken, never crave it.  But because of this 13 year old in the house, we have had fried chicken 3 times, and somehow I have been on this mission to have the best fried chicken!  Total fail and now all this chicken tasting has pushed me over my limit and I'm officially done with fried chicken for now.