Local Pour (River Oaks)

I think everyone and their mama s'talking about Local Pour and me...well, I'm making my first visit 9 months after they've opened. It's a little hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for.  But, if you know where the old Sherlocks was or where Ginger Cafe and Brasserie 19 are, you shouldn't have a problem.  Cool exterior huh?

On walking in, I really liked the decor.  It's was a pretty large room, all very open and spacious.  A mix between vintage, rugged-contemporary, and had a cool, urban feel.  While waiting for my late compadres, I go ahead and order a cheese plate and a glass of wine, the Creekstone cab.  I love cheese and oddly, I don't really recognize a whole lot on the cheese list.  It's mostly a list of cheddars and a brie and bleu.  I go with my server's suggestions and we also order several other appetizers, the hummus dish, grilled veggies, mussels.  Sadly, we were disappointed with the food.  All, very ho hum, including the cheeses, nothing really tasty or good.  The drinks on the other hand were great!  The 2 beer flights were perfect, I was told.  The wine was great.  They have a ton of local brews on tap.  I ordered the Heaven and Hell crafted cocktail and it was a bit undrinkable...too heavy on the heat, otherwise commonly known as "jalapeรฑos"...I couldn't take in more than a sip, nor could the others.  We probably had only 1/4th of it.  

I was told LP is apart of a bigger group that also owns Sherlocks, Baker Street Pub, D'amico's, and several others.  At that point, I understood the food.  There's no love in the food.  It's filler food.  But, to be fair, I had not tried any of the entrees, maybe next time.  Other than that, the atmosphere was great and the manager said they do carry the sports packages and have any game their guest want to see.  They also have live bands, which I'll have to come back and visit.  My single girlfriend did mention there were no cute guys...That's  for all you single ladies.  Overall, we liked our experience, atmosphere (5 stars), service (5 stars) and drinks (4 stars) were good, food not so much.

Quick shout out to Sonoma, who has the best cheese plate and is my official go to place for wine and cheeses.  At any bar, I think it should be a staple to have Drunken Goat, a goat cheese, Sottocenerre, Manchego, Guyere, etc.  Ok, that's all for now.