Cleburne's Cafeteria

A long while back I knew someone that knew I liked cafeteria food. He suggested I check out Cleburne's Cafeteria...5 years later, I'm having lunch with Seth and that seemed like a great opportunity to finally check it out.

On arriving, I found myself really excited and looking forward to the eats. The selections looked amazing behind that glass casing. I chose my usual fried fish, mash potatoes with white gravy, green beans, and a white roll. Outside of a cafeteria, I never order these things. But, like I was telling Seth, it's me revisiting my childhood and I love it! It's just what I have always craved and get at a cafeteria.

I am first in line and since I don't want to take too long, I go ahead and just order my usual. Seth behind me spots the turkey and dressing! Grrrr! I didn't see that! I never got my turkey and dressing this year since I was in Europe for thanksgiving. Oh well, next time! My gosh the desserts were massive.  It should be a criminal...I think they were a quarter of the cake sizes.  We definitely don't have a mayor regulating.  I'll be good this time and skip it.

The food was ok. I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. I think I do prefer Luby's. Plus, I can get a Luanne plate which is half the size of the main entree. They wouldn't allow half orders at Cleburne's, I asked.

Oh and be prepared, they only accept cash.