Pluckers Houston (Shepherd)

Recently, a client asked me if I had gone to Pluckers yet.  I knew nothing about it, nor had any idea where it was.  On doing some research, it was a block down the street from me!  Pluckers is also located in Austin, San Marcos, Dallas, Louisiana, and a few other places.  We decide today is a good day to go and off to Pluckers we go!  

First, parking is insane...there is none and they have a large parking lot too!  We end up parking a block down the street and on walking in, there is a 20 minute wait.  But wait, there's something going on here...Jose Altuve, an Astro, is here with some Hall of Famer radio announcer named Milo Hamilton.  That's pretty cool!

Our server, Brittany was the best!  She was very helpful and offered options and other suggestions.  I ordered the bone-in wings, in Bakers Gold and Spicy Lemon Pepper.  I would definitely recommend the Bakers Gold, the Lemon Pepper was a bit too salty.  Brittany also brought a plate of sample sauces so I could choose, which I thought was very helpful.  We also ordered the fried pickles which I thought were amazing!  The sliver of pickle and the breading was just right, yum!  Brittany comped us on the pickles because we were first time guest.  She said they try to do something for first time guest, so ask for Brittany and let her know you're a first timer!  Fun, fun!