Michael's Cookie Jar (West U)

This is a visit a long time in the works...3 years later, here I'm am!  I was pretty excited since I've had a taste of MCJ, since some of the cafes I frequent carry or used to carry MCJ's products.  The shop is in the back behind the Joanne's on Weslayan, which you have to drive through to get to it.  Oddly, on arriving it looks pretty empty.  They really don't have as much as I thought.  It's a really small shop, which is mostly the kitchen.  I ordered 4 cookies, chocolate chip, toffee, sugar, snicker doodle, sand tart, and a ginger bread man.  I thought they were all good but pretty average cookies, nothing really special.  The cookies I have previously tried from cafes that carry or used to carry MCJ were better than what they offered at the store, I thought.  Antidote used to and Black Hole still carry their products, if you would like try to their product before making a trip to the store.