The Popcorn Bar

I was given a bag of popcorn (Oreos' flavored) from the Popcorn Bar as a gift and since I had recently used the Poparazzi Popcorn for my wedding favors, I definitely wanted to make a visit and compare.  By the way, the Oreos' flavored popcorn is really good.  

On finally making a visit, I did some sampling.  I found PB was a lot more flexible about sampling than Poparazzi.  Poparazzi asked me to make an appointment for sampling, which I thought was unnecessary.  She probably thought I was going to be excessive in my sampling.  I guess, I can understand that.  At PB, I think I tried 7 flavors and ended up sticking with the Oreos and I got it in mini size.  It's just so good!  Denyse got the JalapeΓ±o Cheddar which was really good as well.  Cameran, who is 9, initially didn't want any, but later when I forced her to try one, she couldn't stop eating it.  On the other flavors, I thought were all pretty good.  The buffalo and ranch, salt and vinegar, and others were tasty and had nice flavors.  However, I didn't like their Chicago mix as much as I do at other places.

PB also has candies and tins for gifting.  They're located off 59 near Buffalo Speedway, a much better location than the other gourmet popcorn shops.  It's a fun place to visit, but for me, I must restrict my visits and practice self control!  But when I am feeling not so controlled...I'll probably be hitting up the Popcorn Bar again!